3-step plan but confusion on timing

The Prime Minister has just now announced a detailed three-step plan on lifting Covid restrictions but it’s not at all clear when or where Step 1 commences.

Apparently the states will establish their own time frame and their own steps so what do we make of the announcement?

The PM’s goal is ‘to get a ‘COVID-safe economy by July this year’. What that means is anyone’s guess.  

The big risk is that people will assume step 1 starts now. 

Premier Daniel Andrews says he will announce Victoria’s restriction changes on Monday, sounding a lot less enthusiastic. Minister Neville says fines will apply to those visiting mum on mother’s day. The NT will reopen pubs and clubs next week. SA will have outdoor dining but no grog.

Did the PM jump the gun on the states or is this just another communications stuff-up? Perhaps the states should have been left to make their own announcements.

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