A decade of climate action

Today we release our election platform – A Decade of Climate Action – it’s our demand for urgent action to reduce greenhouse emissions over the next ten years.

In a nutshell, we say governments must:

  1. Be honest. Declare a climate emergency
  2. Develop a pathway to net-zero emissions, targetting key sectors and commit to reducing emissions by at least 50% by 2030
  3. Break it down: target sectors with the biggest emission footprints – electricity, stationary energy, transport and agriculture
  4. Price carbon for a carbon-constrained world, starting at $30/tonne, increased in line with key trading partners
  5. Stop subsidising the fossil fuel industry – it’s a losing economic strategy

And a word about accountability

The Australian Democrats were established in 1977 to “keep the bastards honest”. And what bastardry there is right now!  

The Coalition is using taxpayers’ money to enrich their mates and pursue economic policies to “make the boat go faster”. Tax cuts for the rich have exacerbated inequality and the nation is accelerating down the path of climate oblivion.

The PM enjoyed some public approval for his handling of COVID-19 but he mocks measures to reduce emissions, squanders money and effort to prop up gas, to keep coal afloat and for petrol and diesel to keep on fuelling transport. He is a salesman of ‘free market’ ideals during the boom and corporate welfare during the bust. 

It is dispiriting to see the Coalition get away with their lies, their rorts and, most of all, their failure to safeguard the nation and future generations from dangerous climate change.

However, the beauty of Australia’s electoral system of proportional representation in the Senate, is that the Australian Democrats have a real chance of being back in the parliament if we can win a small but significant portion of the vote and as long as voters put us at no. 1 on the ballot paper. 

The Democrats are back and needed more than ever!

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