Action on Right to Repair

Our work on Right to Repair is paying off but it’s not over yet!

During October the Productivity Commission will deliver its final report to the government on the reforms needed for consumer law to better protect consumers from the unfair practices of manufacturers.

The next step will be for the government to accept its recommendations and put the changes to the Parliament.

See our plan and how you can help and below for what we have achieved so far.

We made two comprehensive submissions for the Productivity Commission’s inquest into Right to Repair. We also attended the hearings, where we stood for consumer rights. We were the only registered party to not only offer a page or two of “support” but actively engage with the issue of Right to Repair.

Several of our recommendations made it into the Commission’s draft report, these include:

  • Provisions to expand consumer protection laws.
  • Introducing minimum standards for repairability.
  • Addressing the issue of planned obsolescence, and penalising manufacturers who engage in the practise
  • The broad definition of Right to Repair in an Australian context
  • A need to provide consumers with more information concerning repairability and warranties
  • Broad-based harm that can be caused by anti-competitive practices
  • Environmental impacts of e-waste and anti-repair practices

At the Productivity Commission’s hearings we:

  • Rebutted sensationalist claims from pro-manufacturer lobbyists
  • Defended the integrity of Australia’s repair industry
  • Answered areas of ambiguity in the Commission’s draft report
  • Discussed instances of anti-competitive, anti-repair conduct and proposed solutions

Our Productivity Commission submissions and the transcript from the hearings:

The campaign has reached out to repairers, consumers and likeminded groups to better understand the issue, and provide support where appropriate.

We have:

  • Distributed informational posters and flyers supporting Right to Repair to Australian businesses
  • Held conference calls with leading activists for the issue, including prominent YouTuber Louis Rossmann
  • Established connections with community groups and businesses
  • Attended events supporting the Right to Repair

Our press releases are available for download here:

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