Alan Jones

Racist, sexist, opinionated, offensive and contemptuous.

Worse, Jones is a bully who wielded power over politicians, incited hatred and violence, promoted our most base instincts.

Who could forget his vicious on-air attacks on prominent women – Julia Gillard, Jacinda Ardern, Louise Herron (Sydney Opera House CEO), Rosie Batty, Greta Thunberg, Raelene Castle (Rugby CEO) and Clover Moore.

And, sadly, who could forget the prime ministers and premiers from both sides of politics who danced to his tune.

Lack of government action on global warming is partly down to his and the other shock-jocks’ contempt for science – Climate change is a hoax, there’s no evidence to support it – said he as he entertained deniers; Monckon, Ridd and Lomborg on his show.

His ‘retirement’ is most welcome.

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