Climate change denials & the toilet paper wars

  • by Craig Hill, Democrats National Vice President –

The fear about coronavirus seems worse than the virus itself, yet somehow the fear of climate change seems not to have hit yet.

In recent weeks we have seen people fighting over toilet paper, and one man pulling a knife and getting tasered by police.

This seems to have been triggered by the government telling people to stock up on necessities

It is not just Australia, it is happening internationally as well.

Coronavirus is clearly a danger, and one that will affect many people in Australia, but surviving the coronavirus is meaningless if the Earth becomes uninhabitable.

Coronavirus will pass, just as SARS and bird flu did.

The real danger is an Earth that is dying because of climate change.

Famed naturalist David Attenborough is on record as saying that we can only slow down the rate at which things get worse, meaning we may not be able to stop climate change at all.

Just because it may be too late, or that it isn’t caused by man, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. The worst that can happen is that we end up with a cleaner and less polluted planet.

If you thought the panic buying over the past week or so was bad, imagine what it will be like in the future if the climate starts to break down as the Earth moves towards mass extinction.


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