Democrats – registered and ready to go

The Australian Electoral Commission advised this morning that our latest audit showed we do indeed have the required 1,500 members! In fact, our member numbers have grown to well more than this.

We are buoyed by the response to our call for new members. They joined to make a difference. They told us they are fed up with the rorts, the lack of action on climate change, the money squandered, the influence bought by political donations, people living below the poverty line, refugees spending years in detention, the tax cuts for the rich.

Elana Mitchell, Democrats Senate Candidate for WA

Why is passing the audit important? It means we will contest the Federal Election as a party and under our name – the Australian Democrats.

The new membership rules wiped out numerous small and medium-sized parties. It’s another example of the major parties making laws to keep themselves in office. It’s neither fair nor democratic.

The Democrats are needed now more than ever!

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