Dr Craig Richards

I grew up in Armidale, NSW before attending university in Newcastle. I am now a father of three living and working in Maitland, NSW. I enjoy a variety of sports, music, the bush and spending time with family, friends and colleagues.

I value truth, integrity, justice and compassion. I am a deep thinker and value science and evidence. I like to contribute to my community and value others who do the same.

I am a GP and general practice owner, having worked previously in Aboriginal Medical Services, as a civilian contractor to the ADF and as a Senior Lecturer in Medical Education.

I have recently completed a PhD in Sports Medicine and co-authored papers and a book in the field. I have served as Deputy Chair of the Australian General Practice Alliance and on the local Living with COVID Committee.

I joined the Australian Democrats because I think Australian democracy is weaker without them. We live in an age of increasing political polarisation and decreasing political accountability. The Democrats have been the only effective political voice in my lifetime to have successfully reversed these trends. For the first time in generations Australia is facing real threats to it’s national, economic and environmental security. We cannot afford more wasted years of governments and oppositions who have lost sight of the fact that their primary responsibility is to Australia. Not party, not career, not ego and certainly not donors.

If endorsed as an Australian Democrats candidate I am committed to furthering the party’s quest to drive public accountability as a voice in the Senate, promoting a federal integrity commission, securing independent funding for the ABC and strengthening political donations laws. I will seek to assist in drawing the political narrative away from party political issues and re-focussing the discussion on developing a strategic vision for the nation to overcome the existential challenges of our time: – the rise of China, climate change, an ageing population and increasing inequality. I have a strong interest in evidence-based policy, particularly in health and look forward to engaging on the degradation of Medicare funding to primary care by both parties.

To achieve this political re-set requires not only a team but a movement. Recent events in the US and Ukraine prompt us to ask- what is a healthy democracy worth to you and your children? We need your talents, your vision, your energy, your contacts and resources, but most importantly your voice. If you have the means to contribute financially, please do so. I will be most grateful for any support you can offer, as will generations of Australians to come. Together we can protect and grow the democratic values, institutions and opportunities that as Australians we hold dear.

Let’s put the Australian Democrats back in the Senate.

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