Financial end-of-year win-win

Your donation to the Australian Democrats (or any other political party) is tax deductible so you get some of your donation back from the Tax Office and we sure could use the cash!

Why do we need money?

Last year the major parties doubled the cost to nominate a House of Reps candidate to $2,000 – now the same as for Senate candidates, so:

  • To run 2 Senate candidates in each state and territory will cost $16,000.
  • One candidate in each lower house electorate would cost over $300,000
  • On top of that, there’s the cost of running an election campaign  …  banners and billboards, the dreaded how to vote cards … and assisting our candidates.

We are asking citizens who support our return to the Federal Parliament to help out so, if that’s you, please do. 

Here’s how.

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