Hey Victorians – this is urgent

With just a few more people joining in July, we can be registered for the Victorian State election and you could be part of a winning team – that’s our plan.

Join, tell your friends, pass this on. Say it’s time for decency, common sense and getting down to business.

We can do this!

Let’s get back to what matters to Victorians. Number one is accountability and two is acting in the public interest. And we have a right to expect a fair go, decisions based on evidence, action on climate and the environment. That’s what we will work for.

Absolutely disgraceful behaviour – that’s how IBAC saw the Victorian Labor Party on branch-stacking, faction fighting and misuse of public money.

It’s definitely time the Democrats were in the Victorian Upper House, holding the Labor and Liberal Parties to account.

Help us along with a much-needed donation.

The Victorian State election is on 26 November 2022.

Our aim is to contest the State upper house regions. Each region elects five members by Senate-style proportional representation. That means the upper house is more representative and better able to challenge the major parties.


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