Holgate: A gender issue? Absolutely.

Bullied out of her job, humiliated and unlawfully stood down, Christine Holdgate deserves justice.

As everyone knows, Scott Morrison directed that she stand down – one of the most public, vicious and totally unjustified attacks ever on a woman in a responsible position such as hers. 

I was bullied out of my job. I was humiliated and driven to despair. I was thrown under the bus of the chairman of Australia Post, to curry favour with his political masters. 

It was cowardly and shameful of the Prime Minister to do this for the sake of diverting attention from the string of rorts and scandals that was plaguing his cabinet. Pure and simple.

Here is the extraordinary evidence offered up by the Chair of Australia Post, Lucio Di Bartolomeo:

While the board understood her rationale, I wanted to be clear that neither I, nor the board’s sought or encouraged Christine’s resignation.

The events that Christine referred to was not so much the purchase of the four watches as a reward for executives who had secured a valued Bank@Post deal, a deal that would prove highly [important] for the long term viability of many [licensees], rather it was the increasingly acute public scrutiny, including media focus and commentary from right across the community spectrum that developed on the back of the estimates appearance and showed no signs of diminishing.

Holgate served it right back up to the PM today, pointing out the rank hypocrisy of his demand that she step down for making a well-deserved gift to her staff while those in the Parliament responsible for corruption, harassment and abuse of power got off scott free. 

She should be reinstated, the chair of Australia Post should be sacked and the PM should step down.

It won’t happen but it should.

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