AUKUS subs sitting ducks?

Minister Dutton is beating the drums of war so what happens if a large adversary decides the proposed AUKUS nuclear submarines (SSN) pose a threat with their indefinite range and power?

The answer is that our new submarines, costing $20 billion each, could be vulnerable to a wide range of submarine and land-launched precision missiles after the reactors are installed and prior to launch.

So, questions for government:

  1. What is the likely impact of a missile strike on a nuclear submarine in the shipyard?
  2. What modelling does the government have regarding the spread of radioactive material from the reactor if it was hit by a precision missile?
  3. How many years would Adelaide need to be evacuated for after a disaster?

Our Plan: 20 advanced conventional submarines

It is possible to avoid this problem by building advanced conventional submarines. This would save about $80 billion, ten years, and possibly Adelaide.

Maps: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc./Kenny Chmielewski/Google Maps

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