It’s not a plan – just bad slogans and empty rhetoric

As predicted, there is nothing new in what the Prime Minister will take to Glasgow. A booklet, a slideshow of meaningless graphs and symbols and a firm commitment to stick with the 2030 target – that’s the plan in a nutshell.

The PM even admitted ‘The plan is based on our existing policies.’

The press conference this morning was pure farce. The PM’s answers to questions were slogans – ‘technology not taxes’, ‘choices not mandates’, ‘the ALP doesn’t have a plan’.

Could anyone seriously believe the PM intends to put Australia on the path to net-zero by 2050 with the following claims as to how it will be done? 

  • 40% Technology Investment Roadmap* 
  • 15% Global technology trends
  • 15% Further technology breakthroughs
  • Up to 35% achieved for the 2030 target

Question time in Parliament added to the absurdity with Morrison waving the plan about, saying here it was in great detail. Unable to help himself, he mocked the 2050 target as the Nats distracted themselves with a video of Matt Canavan promising to terminate it.

The mad hatters tea party made more sense than this.

(*Cheap power, rescuing regional jobs and fossil fuels becoming ’low emission’ through the expensive and unproved method of geosequestration.)

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