Lyn Allison, AD Pres, on Reddit

Delighted to be joining the Reddit community for a chat on Saturday 11 Dec, 5 pm – my first on this platform. Looking forward to showcasing the seriously good work being done by our teams in preparing election platforms. These are all evidence rather than slogan-based but we are always open to ideas. As the saying goes, when the facts change, we change our minds, how about you?

I’ll also be basking in the glow of success in ‘meeting and beating’ the newly-set target of 1,500 members required to register as a political party. If we can double that number by what’s likely to be a May election, so much the better.

Here’s a plug for another conversation on Saturday. At 2 pm, Jack Pead and Steve Baty will take us through a decade of deep decarbonisation via webinar.

This is so important we are doing it for free but donations are very welcome – after all, there is an election to pay for. Here’s where to book.

Looking forward to the Reddit text talk.

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