More reasons to give up gas

The Climate Council released its report today – Kicking the Gas Habit: How gas is harming our health.

The findings of the report were that children living in houses with gas cooktops were 32% more likely to develop asthma than those who didn’t and that the risk is comparable to children living in a household with a smoker.

And there’s a lot more harm being done by gas …

The Climate Council suggests you call your local state planning minister to demand they help families, schools and businesses to get off gas.

And while we are at it, lets ask the Victorian Government to ban the worlds biggest gas fireballs at the Crown Casino. These hourly displays of what are arguably the world’s biggest waste of fossil fuels need to go.

And get ready for the greenwashing by the gas sector. Here is the heads up by Renew Economy.

More waste on gas:

Just this week the Berejiklian Government announced it would give $78 million to Energy Australia for its Tallawarra B gas power station expansion

Last year the Federal Government provided $52.9 million to ‘unlock’ more gas for the domestic market, opening up 5 more basins from which to extract gas. New pipelines are being laid and gas-burning power stations will be built.

This week energy ministers announced $1 billion for: 

  • reducing the costs of transporting gas
  • improving access to pipelines
  • more competition in the gas market
  • greenfield exemptions for new gas projects

The overall spend on the gas-led recovery is around $6 billion.

If developed, government estimates show it could result in as much as 117 million tonnes of CO2 being added to our emissions each year— almost a quarter of our current total yearly emissions.

Estimates have suggested there’s enough gas in the Beetaloo basin to satisfy Australia’s demand for 200 years.

ABC News Feb 2020
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