Nanny needed

Photo: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Once again, politicians are in the news, but not about the work of Parliament. Again, it’s about themselves.

The Nth sequel in leadership assassinations was about the Nationals and, amazingly the guy who lied to his wife, his children, the media and the people, was the guy picked to do a better job!

The failed coup over, the unsuccessful assassins are back in the news, ‘behind their leader 100% and just getting on with the job’.

Matt Canavan told Sky News: “Michael has my support, he is the elected leader of the party room and that is what we’ve got to move forward with.” “I’m not going to predict debates in the future, but I cannot see that happening.”

Which is nearly word for word what Rudd, Abbott and Dutton told us.

What he is really saying is, right now, he doesn’t have the numbers to pull it off but just wait a while, we will try again…

Getting on with the job, should mean just that.  It’s what the public vote politicians into parliament to do, not waste time endlessly clamouring for the top spot.

Australia has had its fair share of disasters in the last many months and now is not the time for politicians to bicker amongst themselves.

It seems Canberra needs a nanny for you all…

Rick Baek, Democrats campaigner, Qld

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