PM a bit rich on hoarding

Having implored people to ‘stock up on essentials’ it’s a bit rich to now call them unAustralian for doing so.

Why make the call in the first place? There was no suggestion that shops would close or toilet paper supplies would run out.

Two weeks ago Scott Morrison said toilet paper production will be ramped up and supermarket supplies would not run out and on this, he had assurances from Coles and Woolworths.

Always one to joke, he said:

I am sure that will come as a great relief to everybody. That’s how this works. That is the economy in motion.

A very good example is Kimberly Clark, which produces toilet paper. They have now opened up their line of manufacturing in South Australia. I welcome that, and that is a direct response, having worked with the retailers about what they need.

We have got ahead of this. We are staying ahead of this. And to keep staying ahead of it we need to keep responding in the way that we have.

With supermarket shelves empty everywhere, no hand sanitiser or masks, nothing to wipe down office equipment, no new computer monitors or office chairs for people to work from home, it’s little wonder people snap up any fresh supplies.

The PM urged the banks to ‘do the right thing’ and pass on the recent tiny rate cuts. Did they? Probably not.

Australians have stopped listening to a PM full of hype and vague promises.

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