32. Budget 2024: No Bravery

Keep the Bastards Honest
Keep the Bastards Honest
32. Budget 2024: No Bravery

Rejoice budget nerds, it’s that time of year again! An episode in which Elana is cranky about what not’s in the budget, Leonie is in search of a narrative for the budget, Steve does a better job of selling the budget than Jim Chalmers did, and all three lament the budget’s missed opportunities.

Show Notes

Podcasts featured in this episode:
Dollars and Sense: The Budget and Why Your Wages are Lagging 14 Years Behind
7AM Podcast: The Jim Chalmers Interview
The Guardian’s Politics Live: Jim Chalmers on his Budget Balancing Act

Additional coverage:
Dollars and Sense: Poverty is a Policy Choice
Follow the Money: Jess Hill on the Domestic Violence Crisis
Follow the Money: Budget 2024: What You Need to Know
Full Story: Inside a Women’s Shelter at the Height of a National Crisis

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