Bonus: Superannuation Explainer

Keep the Bastards Honest
Keep the Bastards Honest
Bonus: Superannuation Explainer

Ever wondered how something about Australian government or politics worked, or saw a hot button topic on the news that you wanted to know more about?  Along with our regular episodes, we’re going to drop the occasional explainer episode into the mix, to cover off random questions you either didn’t know you had, or you didn’t know who to ask. Today’s explainer episode is on superannuation, and the changes to the tax treatment of superannuation accounts over $3 million that the Albanese government recently announced.

If you’re a younger person who knows nothing about super, or an older person who feels like they should know about super but don’t, this is a gap in your knowledge you really need to fill, and we’re going to do our best to make this interesting for you.

Show Notes

Superannuation resources:

Superannuation basics with the ATO

Moneysmart tools and resources

Super Fierce for advice on your superannuation fund

Find lost super


Michael Pascoe on the extra tax superannuation millionaires will pay

Greg Jericho on the massive superannuation tax dodge

KPMG research on the average superannuation account balance

Australia Institute research on superannuation

Paul Karp unpacks the claims over Labor’s new super policy

Australian Democrats platform on an economy for the future

Audio Clips:

Please Explain podcast on superannuation

Follow the Money podcast on superannuation

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