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Policy objectives:

To support governments to have a holistic approach to health by investing in prevention as much as cure. We must better integrate various health services (including research) with each other, funding all aspects of health including mental and social wellbeing. We must empower health care in rural and remote contexts and support local community health initiatives.

Our vision is to ensure that we can all receive care that is both timely and of a high standard of clinical quality. We need to innovate in the health system and provide all people with the tools to improve their quality of life.

The Australian Democrats will support legislation that:

  • provides an equitable, high-quality health care system that is accessible to all Australians including in rural and remote areas
  • provides access to health care for all on the basis of need and not the ability to pay
  • supports health (including sexual health) education in schools
  • invests in health promotion and targeted health campaigns to empower the public with information that will prevent or reduce the impact of some health conditions, in particular obesity
  • improves ways to access the health system and support
  • reduces the complexity of the healthcare system between the private and public sectors and the federal and state/territories
  • views drug abuse as a health issue and ensures drug laws are based on the best available scientific evidence and will prevent or minimise the harms associated with the use of licit and illicit drugs
  • recognises the diverse health care needs of the Australian community, including people in rural areas, people with a disability, people who are elderly, people of diverse cultural backgrounds, and people who are gender diverse
  • support a funding mechanism or tax deductibility for health-related travel expenses for rural, regional and remote patients
  • removes payments from the healthcare system that stops people from accessing care needed which is inefficient and inequitable
  • establishes an agency that is capable of systematically assessing the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of all types of new and existing health care interventions, we should be able to de-fund interventions that have become uneffective or subservient
  • improve access to better telecommunication services for rural, regional and remote people for health and mental health facilitation
  • recognises the importance of mental health treatment and support and increases access of these services to all Australians
  • recognises and provides greater support to carers
  • supports the rights of all Australians to full choice regarding pregnancy and reproductive health
  • allows the right to refuse medical treatment and right to a dignified end of life

These policies were ratified by the members between the 15th – 28th of April, 2019. Australian Democrats policies are always subject to review – our policy volunteers consult with stakeholders outside the party, and members are strongly encouraged to participate by giving feedback at all stages of the policy process. If you have feedback or questions about our policies, contact us.

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