To consistently demand transparency and accountability to enhance our democracy, safeguard our electoral system and support elected Parliamentarians and public officers to fulfil their mandate to the Australian people, as they spend any and all funds, with honesty, respect and integrity.

The integrity of our political systems and administration are the key to an effective, inclusive and accountable democracy.

Public sentiment clearly reflects the loss of trust and respect for our political system. There exists a dysfunctional political culture partly created by the bureaucracy becoming an industry in itself, shifting from an enabling culture to a constraining one.

The lack of transparency and accountability has resulted in the overt opportunistic manipulation of the system in favour of vested interests and this must be addressed.

The Australian Democrats will support legislation that:

  • establishes an effective federal integrity commission for politicians, parties and public servants with genuine powers of criminal arrest and discovery
  • apply truth in political advertising laws with the same rigour that applies to commercial sector advertising
  • is implemented for the interests of the Australian people not the interests of a political party’s agenda or grab for power
  • better manages taxpayer refunds of election expenses for parties and/or candidates, limited to actual expenses and to a maximum based on the proportion of the vote
  • limits the timeframe of pre-polling to after the commencement of the advertising blackout
  • establishes a charter of government accountability
  • ensures government meets higher corporate citizenship standards
  • removes party control over the flow of preferences in any election, handing power back to the voters to reflect the will of the electorate

These policies were ratified by the members between the 15th – 28th of April, 2019. Australian Democrats policies are always subject to review – our policy volunteers consult with stakeholders outside the party, and members are strongly encouraged to participate by giving feedback at all stages of the policy process. If you have feedback or questions about our policies, contact us.

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