Tech Roadmap predictable

Clinging to old ways is the best way to describe the Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap.  Gas is the cornerstone – painted as the deliverer of ‘cheap energy’ and facilitator for renewables. 

The old chestnuts – carbon capture and storage and small, modular nuclear reactors – are in there together with technologies that increase the efficiency of existing thermal (read coal) generators and reduce emissions. 

Hydrogen, soil carbon sequestration, biofuels, resources and energy exports to reduce emissions (again read coal) are the great hope of the Coalition – the horses Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, wants to see in the race.

It is tiresome to hear him say it’s a non-ideological response. But at $10 billion it could be a very big waste of money if all it does is quiet the internal war with the far right ideologues in the Liberal Party

Here’s what others say:

  • The Climate Council warns that new gas projects would cause huge investment losses, stranded assets, and environmental harm.
  • The Grattan Institute says it isn’t clear that these technologies will be sending us in the right direction or whether they can be deployed in a lowest-cost way to reduce emissions, or indeed what the Government’s role is in this roadmap. (It suggests starting the recovery with steel.)
  • The Australia Institute says we can’t afford to waste more time with more of these reviews that have no real aim at addressing climate change.

We have until 21 June to give the Government feedback on its ‘discussion paper’.  

Anyone up for that?  

Here’s the link and, please, send us a copy.  

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