The heat was on in 2000

Quite a few reminders are coming to light on advice the Government had way back on climate change.

The Democrats were at the forefront. Then Senator, Lyn Allison, initiated and chaired a Senate inquiry into Australia’s Greenhouse Future, 20 years ago – the first and most comprehensive report of the time on climate change. The 500 page report carried 106 recommendation, supported by Labor and Coalition members of the committee but the majority were ignored by the major parties in office.

Here’s a taste:

While there does remain a level of scientific uncertainty about the regional impacts of climate change, the Committee heard evidence which convincingly refutes such views.

Given its vulnerability, Australia has a strong national interest in global action to dramatically cut emissions over the long term.

At the time, the Coalition refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol – the start of Australia’s shameful undermining of global action.

It’s a long report but worth a read. Download it here.

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