Today is World Humanitarian Day. Think Afghanistan

As they fear for their lives, the people of Afghanistan need to know we will not abandon them. As the Taliban take over governance of Afghanistan they need to know we, and the rest of the World, are watching.

What the Australian Government should now do:

  • Accept the Afghans and their families whose lives are at risk from their prior collaboration with our troops – at least 10,000 of them – and give them full citizenship
  • Give full citizenship to the thousands of Afghans on temporary protection visas who have been in this TPV limbo-land for years on end, and allow them family reunion
  • Let it be known that Australia will work for peace and stability in the country and respect for the human rights of its people
  • Resume diplomatic relations in Afghanistan as soon as is safely possible
  • Help provide food and shelter for the 4 million Afghans displaced by conflict and drought
  • Encourage trade with Afghanistan, student exchange, support in infrastructure and innovation
  • Restore Australia’s humanitarian aid to at least $75 million a year for health, education, development, the participation of women, covid vaccines
  • Spend aid money on projects directed by Afghans for Afghans
  • Encourage Australians to donate generously to aid agencies working in Afghanistan

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