Transport plan launched

The transport sector is the second-largest source of greenhouse emissions in Australia. Despite this, Australia has no vehicle emissions standards, some of the lowest fuel taxes in the OECD and still subsidises diesel fuel usage by $7.8 billion per annum.  

Australia’s current transport system is highly dependent on the continued importation of fossil fuels and imported vehicles. 

Road fatalities remain a leading cause of accidental death with over 1,100 Australians killed in 2020. 

120 years after federation driver’s license and vehicle registration taxation remain fragmented across Australia.

Our plan calls for more investment in passenger and freight rail, public transit systems, electrification of all transport, fast inter-city trains, safety and emissions standards that are on a par with other developed countries, free rego and drivers’ licences and more.

Read the full plan here.

Photo above shows the Rivian all-electric ute/camper with kitchen, due to arrive in Australia in early 2022

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