We live in changing times

Australians are living through unprecedented changes in their daily lives and movements, especially travel – between states and internationally. Western Australia, with its long history of flight connections to Europe and the rest of the world, has put strict measures in place

WA premier, Mr McGowan announced the quarantine rules on March 27 saying there would be no exemptions to the 14-day requirement. This was a decision of the National Cabinet.

It was a rule;

….for all Australians coming home from overseas into any state across the country.   There will be no exemptions on this. Any West Australians who are also still overseas and want to come back, they will not be allowed to go home – they will need to stay in self-isolation at Rottnest or a hotel.

Any other Australians coming home from overseas into WA will also be self-isolated in a hotel or at Rottnest.

WA Today, April 23 2020

That is, unless you are a billionaire and owner of Seven West Media. Kerry Stokes and his wife arrived in Perth on their private jet on 8 April from their home in the ski fields of Aspen with a stopover in Hawaii and were able to skip the quarantine requirements and go straight home.

A spokesman said the couple was exempt from isolating in a hotel following their arrival in Perth because Mr Stokes had recently undergone a medical procedure. Apparently thousands of Australians received exemptions over the last month.

The exemption also applied to Mr Stokes’ wife who accompanied him and they have been in isolation for two weeks at their home in Perth. Mr and Mrs Stokes strictly followed all the required protocols during that time, as did the aircrew.

WA Today, April 23 2020

The spokesman would not say what medical procedures warranted exemption.

Exemptions to enter WA without attending a quarantine centre are granted for a variety of reasons including compassionate and health-related grounds.

The Guardian, 23 Apr 2020

But compassion was not extended to Barry Preedy who was refused permission to leave his hotel room to visit his wife Maureen as she died from Covid-19 in a Perth Hospital. WA Today, April 8, 2020

We live in challenging and changing times, but when it comes to persons of influence, some things never change. 

Rick Baek, Democrats campaigner, Qld

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