We’re with Zali Steggall MP

Independent Member for Warringah is about to introduce a bill that would set out a clear, step by step framework for reaching zero net emissions by 2050.

Of course we need this!  

Here’s what it does:

The Bill sets out a clear framework for national plans to be put in place and updated by the Australian Government, and for progress to be rigorously monitored and reported.

  1. a positive response to the challenges of climate change that is transparent and effective, and that pursues new opportunities, generational equity and just transitions
  2. national plans for adapting to a changing climate, so that the different parts of our continent and economy can respond positively to changing physical conditions and international policies
  3. national plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to meet emissions reduction targets that align with scientific imperatives and State government and international commitments, and
  4. transparent monitoring, reporting and accountability for national adaptation planning and emission reduction actions, with an independent Climate Change Commission (CCC) to advise Government and Parliament

Read more – here for the overview and here for the bill itself.

And, by the way, 21 countries have already put legislation in place for national climate change frameworks, some years ago:

France, Peru, Paraguay, Pakistan, New Zealand,  Denmark, UK, South Korea, Mexico, Norway, Iceland, Philippines, Austria, Kenya, Sweden, Papua New Guinea, Finland, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Germany

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