World environment day – some things we can do

Environment politics

  • The big one – push for action to stop global warming which is a huge threat to the environment and biodiversity.
  • Call for stronger environment protection laws and evidence-based recovery programs for endangered species
  • Defend national parks and urge that they are better looked after
  • Save what is left of our natural environment – lobby your local MP
  • Call for Indigenous Australians to be more involved in environmental management
  • Insist that Indigenous heritage sites are properly protected from mining

The next Federal State of the Environment Report is due in early 2022. See here for what people have been calling for in the report. Visit SEO reporting websites in your state or territory.  

Here is a sample of what you will find:

Victoria’s biodiversity – the number of animal and plant species our environment supports – has seriously decreased over the past two centuries. The loss has come from land clearing, fire, pest plants and animals, land development, river regulation, water pollution, and more recently, reduced resilience under climate change. Many of our native species are now threatened, and native vegetation continues to be lost.

Victoria’s State of the Environment Report 2016

Our rubbish

  • Say no to plastic packaging, say yes to a ban on non-recyclable plastic use
  • Take your own containers shopping
  • Join beach and riverside clean-ups or start your own 
  • Pick up litter you see on the street

Our natural environment

  • Urge your council to green-up urban parks and gardens – more native trees, more shrubs, more wildflowers. Offer to help.
  • Join a landcare group, help farmers plant shelter belts and nature links
  • Green-up your garden or balcony – grow herbs and veg, plant native daisies in pots

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