Steve Baty – no. 1 Senate candidate for NSW

Tell us about yourself

I am a Strategic Designer and small business owner, born and raised in Sydney. I am a husband and father, and I’m tired of seeing our country and the planet destroyed by greed and rampant disregard. I am working to ensure that we turn a corner towards a thriving, equitable, and just world.

Why chose to be a candidate for the Democrats?

We need to see systemic change; the Australian Democrats will provide the right mix of collaboration and evidence-based policy to set us on the right path.

What would you most want to achieve in your first term as a Senator?

I want to see the establishment of a federal Integrity Commission, a legislated emissions reduction target in line with the Paris Agreement, and implementation of the recommendations from the various royal commissions, Productivity Commission, and ACCC inquiries currently gathering dust.

Steve is the Democrats spokesperson for Action on climate change and An economy for the people. He is also a Vice President of the Democrats National Executive. 

Supporting Steve are:

Suzanne Rogers, no. 2 Senate candidate who worked in the aged care sector and is the Democrats Aged care spokesperson

There needs to be an end to the acceptance of governance that is only for those who voted for the leading party and interference by outside entities. I aim to reduce the binary stance of ‘us versus them’. Diversity is key to Australia’s growth as a nation and increased transparency of decision-making should be a bare minimum requirement for effective governance. See here for more

Dr Craig Richards, no. 3 Senate candidate for NSW and Democrats Health spokesperson

In an age of increasing political polarisation and decreasing political accountability, the Australian Democrats have been the only effective political voice in my lifetime to have successfully reversed these trends. Australians are facing real threats to their national, economic and environmental security. We can’t afford more wasted years of governments and oppositions that lose sight of the fact that their primary responsibility is to Australia. Not party, not career, not ego and certainly not donors. See here for more.

Greg Butler is standing for the Democrats in the House of Reps NSW seat of Eden-Monaro. See here for more.

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