Masking healthcarer risks

322 new cases in Victoria today is tragic, but there is some relief in the assessment by Victoria’s Chief Health Officer that the numbers of new cases now appear…
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Mute and inglorious?

“The ultimate aim of the Trust must be to establish a native drama, opera and ballet which will give professional employment to Australian actors, singers…
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Company tax cuts foolish

Resurrecting company tax cuts amounts to a corporate giveaway. This money – $147.2 billion over the first 6 years – would be better spent on…
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Good news/bad news on job payments

JobKeeper and JobSeeker supplement ‘extensions’ to end December are welcome but what is the rationale for reducing the payments, particularly halving the JobSeeker supplement? Part-time…
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What is a bastard?

Apologies for the coarse language in this one – we know not everyone is a fan. But ever since our founder Don Chipp used the…
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Energy at the crossroads

This is the right time for governments to reshape the economy so it’s fit for purpose for at least the next few decades. Australia is…
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