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Good health!

Despite Australia’s semi-universal public health care system funded through Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and through subsidised private health insurance,…

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The Drill

Looking at the evidence behind topical issues.

Vaping, by Grahame Elder

The DRILL is back, looking at the evidence behind topical issues. And since the last DRILL on nuclear small modular reactors (nuclear SMRs), the Liberal National party have made SMRs a centrepiece of their ‘clean’ energy policy. Here’s the link to that article if you want to refresh why the…

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Nuclear SMRs, by Grahame Elder

The need for continuous baseload power has been a recurring theme for years, with coal and gas seen as firming options. Nuclear power has also been considered as a non-carbon emitting alternative and given that Australia does not have a commercial nuclear industry, the concept of ‘off the shelf’ nuclear…

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Election platforms in 2022

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