Police lockdown intimidating

500 armed Victorian police officers stopping 3,000 residents in nine public housing towers from leaving is, to say the least, heavy-handed. It must be confusing…
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EV Strategy – still waiting

With much of the world powering on with electric vehicle targets and Australia an embarrassing laggard, the Government finally agreed late last year to release…
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Collaery update

Professor Spencer Zifcak explains today in The Conversation why the Bernard Collaery case is one of the gravest threats to freedom of expression in this…
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Missile madness

Australia should not be spending $270 billion more on arms.  With the world awash with weapons that could wipe out the planet many times over,…
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Energy at the crossroads

This is the right time for governments to reshape the economy so it’s fit for purpose for at least the next few decades. Australia is…
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