NSW Airport rort
Update 19/11 Morrison government refuses to comply with Senate order to produce 10 briefs on the controversial purchase. Land at Badgery Creek worth $3m purchased for $30m. Owners of the land donated $176,600 to the Liberal PartyANAO found the sale fell short of ethical standards, under investigation
Bribes paid to councillors for rezoning
Lobbyists linked to ALP and Libs were paid $500k each and Casey councillors bribed by a property developer to get chicken farm zoned for housing in Cranbourne South. Property developer donated to the ALP before the last election. Land value increased from $73k to $550m.IBAC investigating, Casey council sacked
Jobs for the boys at AAT
Attorneys General Porter and Brandis appointed 70 former MPs and staffers to the AAT. Appointee and former staffer, Tony Barry, admits to having been kicked out of law school.Review of AAT recommends merit-based process. No govt. action.
Palmer again
Qld and Federal
Clive Palmer lies about ‘Labor’s death tax’ in the Queensland State Election. Will likely spend the max allowed under new Qld caps on donations and election spending, hoping his business interests will benefit from an LNP Government.Misleading and deceptive conduct prohibited by law for corporations and commerce but not for politics
Vic Rail execs on the take
Fleet Manager of Metro Trains and V/Line CEO pocket ~$150k each from cleaning company to cover up poor performance.Vic IBAC is investigating
Top 40 tax dodgers
Michael West lists the latest companies that make huge profits and pay little or nothing in tax and the fossil fuel sector is well-represented! ExxonMobil made over $42b over 5 years and paid zero tax.Exxon spent $10m fighting the ATO, uses tax havens
Berejiklian shreds
Documents approving Stronger Communities Grants to local councils worth $250m shredded by NSW Premier’s officeNSW Parliamentary committee investigating
Daryl Maguire
Dodgy property and immigration deals, peddling access to PremierNSW ICAC investigating. Ministers and Parliamentary Secs now banned from property deal commissions 
ASIC Chair rorting
ASIC Chair, James Shipton and his deputy paid $180,000 to relocate and manage personal tax affairs and this is the regulator!Discovered by ANAO, investigation underway by consultant, Vivienne Thom
Aust Post watches
$12k spent on four Cartier watches for execs – the latest in a long list of executive gifts. Post claims it is a commercial entity even though wholly owned by the Commonwealth. Board is stacked with Liberal party leaders and former MPs.Coms Minister orders an investigation. PM overreacts, stands down CEO. 
Water rights Federal$80m to buy non-existent water rights from previously Angus Taylor-controlled offshore entity, approved by Barnaby JoyceNo action
JobKeeper rorts
JobKeeper payments used to pay dividends to shareholders and executive bonusesNo action
Foxtel bailout
Foxtel received $40m overall for its flagging subscription TV service, supposedly to broadcast women’s sport. Foxtel is Murdoch-owned which relentlessly promotes the Coalition. Arguably the Coalition’s NBN rollout to the node made it slower and less of a threat to subscription TV. ABC must pay for licensing fee to rebroadcast.No explanation as to why necessary. FOIs answered but hugely redacted.
General Covid pork-barrelling
Billions spent on projects – regional swimming pools, Regional Growth Fund, Building Better Regions Fund, Urban Congestion Fund, Regional Jobs and Investment Package – which were overwhelmingly in Liberal seats and/or had dodgy approvals process.No action
Drought Communities Program
Of the 14 councils awarded funds under this program, 6 did not meet the agricultural employment threshold, 7 did not meet the rainfall deficiency threshold but were awarded the $1m each anyway, 13 councils were in coalition seatsNo action
Female Facilities and Water Safety Stream
No guidelines, no tender process, no application form. Some recipients first heard about it in the local paper.No action
Sports rorts
$102.5 million handed out grants with no legal authority, by-passing proper process to largely benefit marginal electorates and well-heeled clubsIn-house investigation kept secret, ANAO finds bias, Minister MacKenzie stood down, no commitment to act differently.
Lies about flights
Angus Taylor falsely claimed the City of Sydney spent $15m on air travel when it was only $6k but the document relied upon cannot be foundNo one found responsible
Aust Border Force 
$39m ‘fee’ handed out to boat builder Austral to prop up failing business. Austral donated $20k to the Liberal party.Uncovered by Auditor General in 2018, now being investigated by ACLEI
$1.3b arms deal
Government goes to extraordinary lengths to suppress Auditor General’s report showing cheaper optionsSenator Rex Patrick pursuing
Centrelink raises ~$2billion in unlawful debts using income averaging. Brought in debt collectors causing great anxiety. Delays in payments. No apology, no acknowledgement of the damage to victims.Government settles out of court 17/11 pays out $1.2b. Court action by Vic Legal Aid successful. No one sacked.
Great Barrier Reef fund
Coalition awarded $430m contract to small, Liberal Party-connected organisation despite an existing, established and well-credentialed group applying for funds. (Real problem for reef is global warming.)ANAO investigates, warns serious shortcomings in assessment criteria.