Why join?

If you want an Australia that is inclusive, compassionate and community-focussed; environmentally sustainable and economically responsible, joining the Democrats is a good first step in making that happen.

We are here to safeguard democracy through good governance and decisions based on evidence. Our promise is to be truthful, act with integrity, be collaborative and to look out for humanity and the planet

If these are your aspirations too, why not apply to join and work with us to make it happen? 

I joined the Australian Democrats because I was looking for a balanced political choice with progressive ideas and no vested interests. Emma, SA

What it means to be a member

The Democrats take democracy seriously. Members vote on policy and elect parliamentary leaders and national and state executives. They also get a say on priorities for action

Only members can stand for us in elections.  Only members can speak and campaign on behalf of the party.

Belonging has other benefits too. Being part of a team means sharing ideas, doing research and collaborating on work that is worthwhile.

Join the national political conversation!