Evidence Based Governance

We promise to accept the scientific method as the best tool to understand the world around us, and to determine positions and act according to evidence, merit and best practice, not partisan ideology nor vested interest. 

“I joined the Australian Democrats because we need a party that is supporting sensible policy and is transparent and pragmatic when it has to be to move forward even if one step forward.” Scott, QLD (Member survey 2019)

Integrity, Truth and Transparency

We promise to act honestly and ethically, to admit when we get it wrong and to tell the truth, always. 

“I joined … to assist in ensuring integrity is restored to all forms of government and to ‘keep the bastards honest’.” Mark, NSW (Member survey 2019)

Working together

We promise to work collaboratively across all parts of the community; locally, nationally and internationally, to find solutions/paths forward together. We promise to look for common ground, even when there are differences, in order to achieve a better Australia for ALL Australians and to contribute to a better world. 

“I joined … because I have long been a believer in the sensible middle, the importance of social justice for all and accountability of government.” Adrian, NSW (Member survey 2019)

Looking out for one another and the planet

We promise to act with respect, fairness, empathy, and compassion; supporting one another in tough times, striving to ensure no one is left behind; and respecting and preserving the planet for future generations. 

I joined … to help build a political party that genuinely represents the people of Australia and change politics/society for the better “ Elana, WA (Member survey 2019)

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