Help us build an election campaign fund

Did you know that when candidates win 4% or more of the vote they receive government funding – the more votes, the more money?

That means the big parties are guaranteed to receive millions of dollars. This allows them to confidently spend up big on elections. Of course, they also receive millions more in corporate and union contributions.

Not so for small parties including the Australian Democrats. Every dollar we spend has to be raised from members and supporters. This places us at a huge disadvantage.

So not only will your contribution help finance our next election campaign, it will help us break the 4% barrier. If we can achieve that, the real value of your donation will be multiplied many times over.

If you miss the common-sense, principled and compassionate voice the Democrats brought to Australian politics for more than 30 years, here’s your chance to bring it back.

Donations of up to $1,500 a year are tax deductible.

If you are considering donating to us, please note our policy:

  1. We will accept donations only from companies and organisations whose purposes and practices are positive or at least neutral for the environment and/or the wellbeing of citizens.
  2. We will make it clear to all donors that our decision-making is based on evidence and that their donation will not influence our policy or our vote if elected to the Parliament.
  3. We will focus our fundraising efforts on donations from individuals, our supporters and our members.
  4. We will report on our website accumulative donations to us of more than $1,500 in each financial year within 7 days of receipt.
  5. We will publish this policy prominently on our website.

See here for more on this

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