Contesting Fadden!

Chris Simpson is standing for the seat of Fadden for the Australian Democrats, motivated by the urgent need to restore accountability, listen to local voices and demand evidence-based policy. 

Fresh eyes and common sense are needed in the Parliament. So many crises could be overcome by depoliticizing the issues. The nation is crying out for more housing, a greater focus on renewable energy and a skilled workforce that can deliver. 

Chris Simpson, candidate for the Fadden By Election

Here are three of the big issues Chris will tackle:


70% of Fadden’s voters either rent or have a mortgage and right now, they are hurting.

After decades of neglect, underfunding and no sort of national plan, the Federal Government might finally invest in housing but this means little to those with rent and interest rate hikes. A target of 100,000 new affordable homes and 100,000 new social and community housing units a year is attainable. 


Australia does at last have a National Anti-Corruption Commission but there is still no cap on election campaign spending or limits on donations to political parties. The PWC scandal, the enormous waste of what are largely secret consultancies, and the hollowing out of the public service leave Australia vulnerable.


The emissions reduction target of 43% by 2030 set by Government is insufficient for limiting warming to 1.5% and Australia has improved but remains a poor performer on taking action. It must stop approving and financing new coal and gas developments and substantially limit carbon offsets for those companies not taking action to reduce emissions.

Chris started his career with an apprenticeship in general engineering before obtaining a QBCC builder’s licence. A past member of Master Builders Queensland, he earned a Master of Project Management from QUT, and joined senior management teams responsible for major iconic Australian construction projects.  Recently he has been in consultation in the renewables sector in SE QLD

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