Hear the voice

By his rude interruption of Social Services Minister, Anne Ruston, at a press conference last week, the Prime Minister epitomised the ongoing male domination that women face in having a voice in the Australian political landscape. But while the last week highlighted how bad it is for women, spare a thought for those minorities who are often represented by only one or two MPs in parliament, if they see themselves represented at all.

The Australian Democrats remain a party that offers a voice to the marginalised and the disenfranchised. Ensuring that they empower and actively encourage the inclusion of those who have previously been left out of political discourse. Because it is not only women who must continue to pursue a place in our political system, but all who have faced discrimination, marginalisation and prejudice. For far too long politics has been dominated by a Caucasian hegemonic masculinity. The Australian Democrats support a future where all Australians feel represented on the national stage and it is this that prompted me to become a member.

This NAIDOC week in particular, we recognise the ongoing role that First Nations Australians have as the first and continual caregivers of Australia. It always was and always will be Indigenous land.

In this, it is paramount that we continue to support First Nations Australians to have their voice heard in Parliament in a way that is representative not only of each Indigenous man, woman and child but also of the country that we stand on. This land is one that we are proud and grateful to call home, but the traditional custodians of this country must never be forgotten.. 

Discrimination does not have a place in this country. We will not tolerate the ignoring and interrupting of the voices who most deserve their say. 

Photo by Alessia Francischiello on Unsplash

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