Heath McKenzie contests Dunkley

Long-time Seaford resident, Heath McKenzie the Australian Democrats candidate for the Dunkley by-election.

(Still) keeping the bastards honest

Heath is married with three young children and has lived in the electorate for 14 years. He is a qualified landscape gardener, managed a large client portfolio for a major paint manufacturer and is now a business development manager for a major producer of vegetable seedlings, supplying to farmers around Australia. 

He worked on the TV series ‘Neighbours’ managing its art department assets.

Heath is deeply involved in the local community and his parents and extended family also live in the electorate. He is President of Mordialloc Superrules Football Club and coaches a junior basketball team. Heath is passionate about the horticulture industry and chairs Tree and Shrub Growers of Victoria.

Heath said of his interest in politics:

“In each of the last six federal elections, I have been unable to find a candidate in Dunkley who shares my values on integrity and evidence-informed policy. I can’t stand on the sidelines any longer, frustrated by politicians putting their interests above all else. 

Governments have been far too slow in adopting new technologies for a low emissions future. The gap between the wealthy and poor has grown and we need an economy that looks after its people as well as the environment.

I intend to represent those who are unable to be involved in politics. I know so many who are struggling just to survive.”

The Australian Democrats was founded in 1977 by Don Chipp who was also disillusioned with the state of Federal politics at that time. He wanted a party that supported the ideals of honesty, tolerance, and compassion in our political system. His slogan “Keep the Bastards Honest” still rings true today and is the ideal the Democrats will uphold in Parliament.

Media inquiries:

  • Heath McKenzie, 0439 542 535
  • Lyn Allison, National President Australian Democrats: 0407 692 512
  • Stephen Jagoe, Campaign Co-chair Dunkley: mobile 0409 219 259
  • Leonie Green, President Victoria/Tasmania Australian Democrats 0408 191 008

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How to vote for Heath:

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