It’s your first time?

If you are over 18 and not yet enrolled you should do it now.

There are two good reasons for enrolling – it is compulsory and you get a say in who will be in the Parliament.

You also get a chance to vote for us – the Australian Democrats – hey, we are back!

We have been fighting for action to stop climate change for many years. Now it’s crunch time. We need the parliament to be full of people who get it, MPs who listen to the science and understand what global warming will do to our planet if we don’t stop burning coal, gas, and oil.

We will have candidates for the Senate in all mainland states. That’s because the Senate is the place to be for influence.

Federal electoral rolls close Monday 18 April, 8pm local time

… and on 21 May, consider giving our Senate candidate your no. 1 vote.

If you want to see real action on climate and a better more democratic country, why not help us on election day?

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