Meet AustDem Hero Adrian Hubble

This week in Episode 2 of AustDem Hero’s I interviewed Victorian AD member Adrian Hubble

Adrian is an infectious diseases nurse consultant working on the front line with the homeless and marginalised in Melbourne.

In this interview Adrian gave us a peek into the world of homelessness.

He shared his insights on the tragic journeys that have taken people to living on street corners, often drug addicted and with a myriad of compounding health problems

He also inspired with stories of hope, a sense of self worth regained, a positive path forward for the future.

Importantly Adrian shares his thoughts, wisdom and ideas…. born from real experience, on the steps we need to take in addressing not only the symptoms but most importantly the causes, of poverty, inequality and homelessness in Australia.

Listen – think – act!

Meet AustDem Hero Adrian Hubble
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