Our Christmas Wish List

All we want for Christmas is…

  • For people to be safe, for the fires to stop, for damage to the natural environment to end, for children to have a prosperous future
  • Help for rural communities coping the worst imaginable conditions.
  • A 2050 target of zero emissions and a plan to get there even sooner – we suggest a mix of:
    • a price on carbon and a carbon trading scheme,
    • investment in poles,  wires and batteries that better integrate renewables
    • great public transport, more freight by rail, incentives for small electric cars and a network of recharging stations
    • A tax on coal exports say $10/tonne x 200 million = $2b in revenue which could be used for investment in renewables
  • A National Integrity Commission with teeth, a ban on donations to political parties from fossil fuel interests, a limit on election spending, better behavior and more honesty from political leaders
  • To bring Julian Assange home, stop threatening to lock up journalists, stop punishing refugees
  • An end to cuts to science, foreign aid, the NDIS and the ABC
  • Tax evaders to be brought into line, ‘robo debt’ scrapped as unfair, the Newstart allowance indexed.
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