Ready for the job!

The Federal election on 21 May is an opportunity for all Australians to send a strong message about what they expect from their government and from their Parliament.

The Morrison Government has shown us all what happens when integrity and accountability are absent from our democratic system.

Our country has been poorly served by a government of bad policy, special interests, cover-ups, rorts, blame, spin and crisis. This cannot continue.

It is not enough to simply elect an alternative government. We must also elect a strong, independent parliament, that is not afraid to hold the government – any government – to account.

The Australian Democrats have strong track record of ensuring accountability and integrity in the Australian Parliament. We propose and support sensible, compassionate policies that are evidence-based. We are not in the pocket of any individual, special interest groups, industries or unions.  Our only interest is ensuring the Australian people are genuinely represented and that our government is held to account at all times.

Returning Australian Democrats Senators to our Parliament will ensure the return of trusted representatives, who will ensure every policy and every decision will be scrutinised, every Minister will be held accountable and every Parliamentarian will be held to high standards of professional and personal behaviour.

The Australian Democrats are ready to do the job only we can do – keep the bastards honest.

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