Secret deal with the Nats

So, now we are expected to be glad that the National Party is satisfied with the deal that allows them to give ‘in-principle support for the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050’ but no one will say what it is?

Horse-trading is raison d’etre for Nats Senator Bridget McKenzie – think grants rorts – but she says ‘what happens in our party room stays in the sanctity of that party room’. 

We are told climate skeptic, Barnaby Joyce is 100% on board with the net-zero deal, that it’s a ‘vastly better’ position than before.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that the government about-face positioning for COP26 is shrouded in secrecy. Must be difficult after telling the world how good is coal; and how EVs will ruin the long weekend, how Australia’s emissions are unimportant in the scheme of things, and how technology is the answer.

Just weeks ago the PM said he wasn’t going to COP26 because it was more important to stay home and explain the emission plan to us. Another about-face, more ludicrous than the last.

The plan he will take is to be unveiled next week but don’t expect any substance. It’s likely to be a few handouts for the regions and a place in cabinet for another climate denier.

Let’s hope for the sake of the planet that Morrison gets a well-deserved bollocking at Glasgow. 

photo: The Guardian

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