The US Senate certifies results after mob invasion

A pro-Trump angry mob stormed the US Senate today in an attempt to stop the certification of Joe Biden as President-elect. One woman was fatally shot by an officer. The city was put under curfew. Tear gas masks were handed out as Senators were rushed to safety by combat troops.

See pictures of the invasion in the New York Times here. The world watched in horror.

Senators returned to the debate after the mob had been cleared and accused Trump of weakening democracy – encouraging opponents throughout the world while indulging in tweeting, golfing and abandoning his post.

13 Republicans had indicated they would vote against the certification but, after the mayhem, half withdrew their objection to certification.  There remains 100 House Republicans who will continue to object.

The Senate completed working through the certificates of the electoral vote of each state, just before midnight US time.

52 arrests have been made, 2 pipe bombs and molotov cocktails recovered, 14 police officers injured.

Twitter has suspended Trump’s account.

See here for live proceedings as the Senate debate continues.

Last month The Guardian reported:

Since becoming prime minister in August 2018, Morrison has closely courted Trump, and was rewarded in September 2019 with a full ceremonial welcome on his US trip.

During that trip Morrison attended a Trump rally in Wapakoneta, Ohio and praised Trump’s political priorities, expressing a view that the pair “share a lot of the same views”.

Prime Minister Morrison said he is hoping for a peaceful transfer of power in the US and condemned the rioters but would not criticise Trump for inciting them or for repeating his absurd accusations of electoral fraud.

The Australian Government’s SmartTraveller website has just updated its section on the United States warning travellers and those already in Washington DC.:

Due to violent protests in Washington DC, curfews are in place in the District of Columbia and Commonwealth of Virginia from 6pm on Wednesday 6 January to 6am on Thursday 7 January 2021.

You should avoid areas where protests are occurring due to the ongoing potential for violence.

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