Right to repair – action talks!

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We are committed to working towards building a repair-friendly Australia. Facilitating a “Right to Repair” in Australia will protect consumers, open up more avenues for repair at a lower cost and save local jobs. Our plan will keep the bastards (manufacturers) honest and save you money.

We want reform that:
• Opens up more repair options at a more affordable price
• Strengthens Australian industry, creating and protecting jobs
• Improves Warranty and the Consumer Guarantee, empowering you
• Protects the environment and reduces ewaste
• Introduces a star-rating system for repair, giving consumers choice
• Educates consumers through support of initiatives including community repair

Get involved!

Make a difference, and join the party today as a member of our Right to Repair campaign team!

As a member you can:
• Help us get the word out for the movement
• Work with like-minded groups
• Volunteer and/or campaign

You can be as involved as you want to be. Joining will help us get back in parliament, where we can return to negotiating legislation for Australians – including Right to Repair!!

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